A list of useful links, to help you download the program and install the skins 🙂


Download – Wooxy to install skins

Download the latest version (v1.5.0.7) (From MediaFire)
or visit Wooxy for Alternative links

Note: Your browser or antivirus might tell you that Wooxy is not a safe program. You have to know that these warnings are false positives: there are no viruses in the program.” – Map Skins


READ! Everytime League of Legends has an update you will have to open up Wooxy and reactivate the skins you installed since all skins will be reset after every LoL client update!


Quick Guide – Installing skins

Open Wooxy, click Skins Collection, click Import skin, click Add files find the skin file on your computer (filename.wxy) click done and then click save.

Now you will see the new skin on the list of champion skins within the Wooxy program, the skin image will have a red line, click on that skin image and click install if done correctly the skin image will now have a green line which means it has been installed.