Creating Day of the Dead Jinx

At the time Jinx only had 2 skins, my adc who is a Jinx main, really wanted something new and shiny to look at… He suggested “Day of the Dead” as the theme and that was basically what I had to work with.

Planning the concept
The first thing to do, is to head over to Google and start looking through a ton of images and save a few that you feel has the right theme, color palette and/or nice details that you find interesting. I started using Pinterest for this as well, it saves me from having a huge folder full of images on my pc and I actually get a lot of interesting material that sometimes doesn’t even show on Google.



Always have the characters personality in mind and then try to find something that correspond to that. To me, Jinx has a very dominating and crazy vibe. So the concept can’t be too pretty with soft colors, bows and blondes.
The keywords I chose was skulls/bones and roses in general there isn’t much room to add a lot of different details to a skin, it can become very cluttered and confusing. Keep it simple!

Color palette
Same goes for colors, always limit the amount of colors for the main palette to a bare minimum, for Jinx it became purple and green as main colors, things I wanted to highlight orange and currently gold. The gold will be adjusted to a main color (reasoning follows). Secondary palette black, white and skintone, colors that are less dominant.



Choosing the right character model
When the theme and color palette of the skin has been locked in, it’s a good idea to look at the different models the character has available. This can seem very restricting “just” to work with the original content but at least for me it’s a challenge that I enjoy.
Since the Day of the Dead theme uses a lot of flowers, skulls and face painting. I wanted to be able to include some of those features if possible, the Firecracker Jinx had the flower detail and the dragon themed guns which could be changed to skull like creatures, so that was the main reason I ended up choosing this skin.

Creating the new texture
It’s time to open your preferred software for art editing and start the creation process. I split the original texture into sections based on the type or color palette. For Day of the Dead Jinx it was something like; Face, Hair, Skin, Dress, Gun01 and Gun02.



I painted the face first, as it was the part I already knew what I wanted to look like and continued on from here. I always use a model viewer while I work, so I can see the progress directly on the model and evaluate the changes as I create.
I wanted to get rid of the silver on the gun, it was too different from the main color palette. I didn’t know what to do about it, so I didn’t work on the skin for a week. When I came back I decided to change the gun to gold, this meant the gold became a main color, instead of just for details.
After the break I also realized the green line in between the black socks and shoes drew way too much attention to Jinx knees which was a strange thing to guide focus toward. I chose to change the shoes to purple to fit the dress, thus making them less eager for attention.

If you’re out of ideas or something just doesn’t fit, step away from the project for a few days and work on something else, it will let you look at the project with fresh eyes when you return and you will likely be able to see things you didn’t pay attention to before.



Bonus content
Slightly “hidden” details on Jinx dress, sheep and lightning rods seems like a funny pairing for a “Lunar Revel” theme, I kinda wonder what the thought behind this choice was… Any idea?



Thank you for reading, here is a potato unicorn!Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions!
// Cavine